To Brunch or Not to Brunch – the Parisian Way

Sunday is a magical day in the city of lights. Everything slows down, and apart from some sport addicts running around the park you almost don’t see anyone outside in the morning hours. Even the daily trips to the boulangerie are delayed a bit, allowing the  Parisians to sleep in and enjoy a lazy morning.

It should come as no surprise then that there is a whole new industry that has emerged several years back and is taking over the city. The Sunday brunch. An elaborated choice of restaurants and cafés are offering a special menu for the Sunday fun, usually incorporating delusions food and playing activities for the kids.

So I’ve gathered some really nice recommendation for your next Parisian Sunday brunch:


LIBERTE: eat as much you can

On top of the great comfort food that you can scoop as much as you want, the place in the 20th arrondissement enjoy a unique décor and a rising start of the chef-patisserie, Benoit Castel. You are welcomed by two big antique wooden stoves, that set the atmosphere for an enjoyable morning-lunch hours, which is served just on  the weekends.

During the week it’s a spacious bakery on a corner filled with light, space and croissants that melt in your mouth but are perfectly crispy where they should be and desserts that makes you want to cry. On the Brunch menu – you have a verity of foods and you cat eat, quiet literally, as much as  you can fit in.

150, rue Menilmontant. 20-eme.




LA GARE : Stylish experience 

Located in the former station Passy-La-Muette, situated in the 16th arrondissement, La Gare promises you a true moment of exoticism in a sumptuous setting designed by Laura Gonzalez.

The spacious restaurant with very French traditional décor is accompanied with a nice terrace area, for the sunnier days. The restaurant serves as a business and diplomats lunch hub during the week turning it’s ace to welcome more families and kids during the weekend. The Sunday brunch menu is a set one and the kids can enjoy an annotated show and a separate space for play, allowing their parents to zip some coffee and soak in (the occasional) sun on the terrace.

19 Chaussée de la Muette, 16-eme. 



LE RECYCLERIE : environment friendly

 if you’re up for a more unique brunch experience, consider heading to the old train station pavilion Gare Ornano which was refurbished as a major recycling site and serves both as mission statement and an inner tourist attraction. Within this eco-responsible canteen-grocer’s-DIY shop, visitors can enjoy simple cuisine or a drink in the refreshment area, located on the rails which are covered in vegetation. On the weekends they serve brunch and people are seated (after queuing in line) in a big dining area that to some might resemble a soup-kitchen. 

83 boulevard Ornanao, 18-eme.