A Date with Paris (in the SNOW!)

For the first time in 30 years, Paris welcomed its heaviest snowfall this week – a whopping 15cm! It might not be a lot for some, but for someone from Australia, this is the equivalent to an avalanche. I haven’t witnessed snow many times in my life and to think that I happened to be in Paris with a day off to be able to casually stroll around the Eiffel Tower is mind boggling. The Winter Wonderland date that Paris took me on the other day is up there with my top “Paris and I” experiences. 

So, Paris and I started off on line 6 – getting off at the Bir Hakim metro before crossing the road towards the Inception bridge. There I found a beautiful blanket of snow ready for me to lay my footprints on. This is the obligatory French-Australian shot with the Australian Embassy on your right, which is kind of funny because just last week I was in Australia battling 38 degree heat. I remember reassuring Frenchie “don’t worry, we are in for a cool change tomorrow, it’s going to be 35 degrees”. Fast forward to this week and we are in -4 degree weather and the heaviest snowfall in Paris since 1987..! What are the chances of that. 

I continue the walk further along and the snow stretches for as far as the eye can see. I’m struggling to keep calm in public at this point because my heart is literally singing. The sun is starting to come out and it feels too surreal to be true. There’s an air of tranquility about when pristine snow cloaks the city. People stop and smell the roses, they throw snow balls at each other, they make snow men (or should I say snow people!), they stop and look around and take a pause from their usual “metro, boulot, dodo” routine.

This is my favourite shot from my date with Paris. It was taken walking away from the Eiffel Tower towards the Ecole Militaire metro station, just before my phone decided to die even though it was at 55%. On THE very day I forget to bring my portable charger with me. I was gutted and even resorted to approaching random strangers with phones to see if anyone had a portable charger on them to lend me to help revive my phone. No luck, it must have been the universe telling me to stop and enjoy the moment instead of trying to document everything.

But not without a little selfie. I have never posted a selfie on the blog, actually I rarely take selfies on my own. But this occasion was a little different. Who knows if I’ll be able to experience this ever again in my life. We’ve already waited 30 years for this moment, Paris and I..!