Out and a Boot. A Good Dinde is Hard to Find

Being a vegetarian, out of habit I scoot by the butcher shops in most covered markets without a second look. 

It’s not that I’m squeamish about seeing meat, I’m not, it’s just that I have no need of meat and it doesn’t really interest me as much as a fresh arrangement of strawberries or artichokes would, for example.

This past Thanksgiving, my good friends Christine and Geoff hosted a wonderful Thanksgiving dinner and Christine was telling us how difficult it was to find a good turkey in Monaco so ever since then I’ve been keeping my eyes open for them.  Well, for Christine and anyone else who’d like to serve turkey for Christmas, I’ve found the mother lode.

In the Marché  Municipale in Menton this morning, I found two Boucherie with some very fabulous looking AOC dinde.  They’re free range, numbered, looked fresh, and some of them were kitted out with pretty ribbons.  They were a big improvement from those frozen Butterballs!  Best of all, some of them were only a few kilo instead of the usual gigantic ones we see in North America.  Think of it.  No leftovers.  I guess that’s bad news for the dog.

When you enter the market from the rue piéton, on your left is Boucherie Bebe Tournedos.  The owners are Bebe and Tournedos who are a bundle of fun.  Further along on your right is another Boucherie with a smaller selection.

If you need vegetables to go with your turkey dinner, there is a stand called Potager de Coco.  The friendly owner Gregory carries the freshest selection of  fruits and veg in the market, including some hard to find ones, all beautifully displayed.

This is probably where you’ll find me, paying rapt attention the veggies.

Happy Holidays!