Out and A Boot. Worthy Strawberries and Virtuous Crisps


Yes, please!
Just say "no"


Worthy Strawberries

Whenever I visit Italian markets in the spring, I hear the vendors loudly flogging huge, cheap,  bright red strawberries.  Step away from the red!

If you’re going to eat strawberries this season, promise me you’ll buy the fabulous French strawberries.  Mara des bois, Ciflorette or Gariguette are all so much better than the huge, hulking, Italian ones that look as though they’ve been on steroids.

I’ve seen packages of Ciflorette and Gariguette strawberries for just €3.50 for a 250g package at the Casino Supermarché in Port Hercule for the past few weeks.  Some vendors in the Marché de la Condamine sell them too and they’re available at most markets in the region.  Just ask for them by name.

There’s no reason to suffer through bad strawberries when we’re surrounded by so many great ones!

Virtuous Crisps

I’ve been known on occasion to dive into a bowl of crisps but they have to be worth the calories for me to indulge.

Lately I’ve been buying organic vegetable crisps from French company Croustisud when I want something a bit different to serve with cocktails.

Their Pétales are made of organic beets, parsnips, celery root, carrot, carrot with thyme, parsnip with rosemary and sweet potato.

My favourites are beet and sweet potato.  I found the parsnip with rosemary a bit bitter.

You can find Croustisud crisps at Solis Bio under the Marché de la Condamine.

I think they’re definitely worth the calories and they’re a great way to get your daily serving of veg!