Organic farming – grow your own or buy direct?


Image of Agnes and Renaud from Organic Farm "Lavancia" in Puget Théniers.

Your Guardian Chef meets bio farmers Renaud and Agnes, who in 2009 built Lavancia Farm, an organic farm based in Puget Théniers. Their approach combines traditional techniques with an innovative, eco-friendly ethos – their 1.2 hectares not only includes a huge variety of fruit and vegetables but is shared with 250 hens and 10 pigs! They also grow their own livestock feed, reducing their carbon footprint. Read the full story.


An image of a food box delivered by AMAP

What is ‘Farm to table’? Rather than buying through a local supermarket, you can buy directly from organic farmers, either via an organic farmer’s market, or AMAP (Associations pour le maintien d’une agriculture paysanne), where you can get organic food delivered directly to your home each week. A closer relationship between the farmer and consumer is built, including organised visits to farms. Read the full story.


Picture of organic tomatoesHints and tips on how to grow your own organic food. Here, Your Guardian Chef shares lessons learned at the organic Lavancia farm that Agnes and Renaud shared about how to grow organic vegetables and herbs, including tomato seeds, basil and even how to get rid of mildew. Read the full story.