Join us on our adventures hiking, cycling and climbing the hills of the French Riviera.

The Côte d’Azur is fantastic, not only because of the famed weather, but also because the mountains reach all the way down to the sea. This provides great outdoor sport options – hiking, biking and climbing!

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Winter sports and safety

Every winter season, between 40 000 and 45 000 persons are rescued from the ski slopes in France. To reduce this number, the French government has just launched […]

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With the sun beaming outside and the rather mild temperatures, it might be difficult to imagine but… the mountains are covered with a thick lovely layer of snow! […]

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Easy afternoon hike

With a good pair of shoes who won’t suffer from a bit of mud, the easy hike Val de Siagne is lovely this season. For those of you […]

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High risk of avalanche!

It’s snowing. A lot! And with the meter (!) of snow falling the last 24 hours in some areas, the risk of avalanche is now 4 (out of […]

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Lost in the mountains

Now, I am not very proud to admit this, but we lost a person in the group when we went hiking on Sunday. I am even less proud […]

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High risk of avalanche

After the heavy weather this weekend, the risk of avalanche is 4 out of 5, and it is not recommended to try the snow outside of the ski […]

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And you thought the camping season was over…?

The Alps may be covered in snow, the lakes may be covered in ice. It may even be -8 degrees during the night. But the camping season is […]

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Mountain fun!

Up to some 50 cm snow of fresh snow since yesterday – not a bad start of the holidays! The skistations are open, and in addition to that, […]

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Security when hiking

In the mountains – summer or winter – it is essential to be equipped for all kind of situations. Before heading out, tell someone (exactly) where you are […]

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It’s time to go skiing!

The main ski stations in the region open for the season on 7 December 2013: Auron Gréolières les Neiges Isola 2000 Valberg France Montagnes and Ski Info provide […]

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