Coldest winter since 1985?

Are we headed for one of the coldest winters on record?

According to the renowned climatologist Judah Cohen, yes we are, and we could be headed for the coldest winter on the French Riviera since 1985. For those of you who were not here in that icy cold winter, here’s a reminder of what hit the south of France that year. -11 degrees was registered in Hyères, -12 degrees in Cannes and a record 38 cm of snow fell on Nice!

The reason for this? The abundant snow this Autumn in Siberia, which could have consequences for all of western Europe including the Côte d’Azur. His theory is entirely based on the amount of snow that has fallen so far,  covering 13 million Km2 in Eurasia. The exact consequences of this can be read here.

Of course, Mr Cohen could be wrong (we hope), but so far 75% of his weather predictions have been correct.