Donating to charity and reducing tax

As the year comes to an end, it may be worthwhile making a donation to a charity or a non-profit organisation of public interest which, within certain limits, will entitle you to a tax reduction on this year’s income.

Tax relief is applied to 66 percent of a charitable donation made by a private individual, subject to a maximum limit of 20 percent of the household’s taxable income. Any donations which exceed the maximum amount can be claimed over the following five years, providing the total amount claimed each year does not exceed that year’s maximum.

As an example, if your taxable income is 40,000 Euros, you can donate up to 8000 Euros and will receive a tax reduction of 5280 Euros.

Some English-speaking well-established charities in the area include the Chats du Mercantour and the Cancer Support Group 06.

See our Support Groups and Animals sections for a list of other eligible charities.