France versus Monaco: What you need to know about local driving laws

The differences in road rules between France and Monaco can be surprising…

Did you know that there are two motoring actions which are illegal in France and the rest of Europe, but not in Monaco! Read on, this could be handy in a pub quiz!

In France, as we all know, it is mandatory to wear a seat belt when driving and in all seats fitted with a seat belt. However, seat belts are not mandatory in Monaco.

Also, in France you are not allowed to wear earphones for any purpose, even for a telephone connection. You cannot drive with a phone held in your hand either. Violations for not wearing your seat belt or wearing headphones/holding a phone, could result in a fine of 135 euros and 3-point withdrawal (in the case of European licenses) from your driving license.

However, in Monaco, there is no points system, although you could be fined a lesser amount (currently 22.50 euros) for poor driving. In Monaco you are expected to drive safely and not impede your ability to react to circumstances and be able to execute all manouevres as required.

It is therefore your own personal choice if driving in Monaco to adopt normal European rules, or relax your standards, but when it comes to safety, common sense must surely apply.

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