French flu vaccination programme starts today

Find out if you qualify for a free vaccination against the flu…

The seasonal flu vaccination campaign starts on October 6, 2017, and each year the French health service recommends that people get vaccinated. It is reimbursed 100% to persons at risk; this includes those aged 65 and over, obese people, people with certain chronic diseases, pregnant women, and family members of babies at risk of severe flu.

If you are belong to any of the above categories (except pregnant women, obese people and family members of newborns), a mail is sent to you with a voucher allowing the free delivery of the vaccine at the pharmacist.

If you have already been vaccinated in the last few years, you can go to the pharmacy to get the vaccine directly by presenting the vaccination voucher, and then get vaccinated by a local nurse (search for infirmière liberale in the yellow pages or ask your pharmacist for contact details of the nearest one).

If you are going to be vaccinated for the first time, you must first consult your doctor (or midwife) by bringing them your health voucher; the healthcare professional can then prescribe the vaccine if they consider it necessary.

If you think you should be eligible for this free vaccination and have not received a voucher from the Health Insurance, consult your doctor (or midwife) who can prescribe the flu shot.

If you need help in finding an English-speaking doctor here in the south of France, ask on our Discussions page for other members to email you recommendations (note that French law prohibits us from publishing a list of English-speaking doctors unfortunately).

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