How to find an English-speaking doctor

One of the hardest things about living abroad is trying to find a doctor that speaks your language. Unfortunately, French law doesn’t allow us here at Angloinfo to publish a list of English-speaking doctors, however, it is possible via our discussions to ask other members for recommendations and contact details of doctors. Just post your question here and include an email address so that other members of Angloinfo can send you a private email to help.

There are many pharmacies that speak English, and in more touristic areas, they are often able to provide contact details for doctors and dentists who speak English. There is also a service on the Cote d’Azur called Riviera Medical services – they help English-speaking residents and visitors to find a doctor, dentist or specialist.

See here for further information about finding a doctor in France

The Angloinfo team are currently compiling a list of English-speaking doctors that will be available on request to members. If you know of an English-speaking doctor on the French Riviera, please send us an email with the doctor’s name and speciality and we will add it to the list.