Jobs for newcomers on the Côte d’Azur

What are your options if you’re seeking work on the French Riviera and you don’t speak French? Well, don’t despair. Surprisingly, there are more openings than you might think. Here are a few ideas…

Do you like the idea of working with children? Then you might consider the option of au pair or nanny. French families often favour English-speaking nannies as a way of initiating their kids to the language. In turn you will start to pick up some French, with the added bonus that children will be delighted to correct your basic mistakes. Check out our page on childcare agencies.

Bar tender is another great way to start earning money in France while you pick up the language. All you’ll need is some basic vocabulary, a knowledge of the menu and a smile. The added bonus is that you’ll start to make new friends too. See here for a list of bars and pubs on the Riviera.

Tourists flock to the Côte d’Azur all year round so why not become a tourist guide? Explore the area armed with a good guide book and study some of the fascinating history to pass on. Other languages are of course a bonus though not a necessity.

Another option is to work as an estate agent. There are plenty of Anglophones moving to the Côte d’Azur and hence a number of British-owned estate agents to cater for their needs. Find English-speaking estate agents on the Côte d’Azur.

French companies are often seeking native English freelance writers or editors to correct English texts for their websites or to present their companies to the Anglophone market. If you have enough basic French you could also try your hand at some translation work. The French auto-entrepreneur system for the self-employed is a simple and flexible way to set yourself up legally. Read more here about how to set up as an auto-entrepreneur.

Teaching English is another obvious option, either as private lessons or with a school. In the latter case you may want to look into getting some qualifications such as TEFL, which can be obtained via online courses.

You might also consider the glamorous option of applying for a job on a yacht. A friendly attitude, good manners and impeccable presentation will all help you to hop on board. Find out more about working on yachts, with information on the qualifications you may need and how to obtain them.

Finally, ski instructor is a great seasonal option, providing you can ski of course. Otherwise there are also plenty of jobs working around the slopes or in the surrounding chalets, though competition is fierce.

And if you decide it’s finally time to expand your options and learn French, see here for our language lessons page.

We also have a list of employment agencies here, dedicated to helping English-speakers find work on the French Riviera.