New Mobility Card for people with disabilities

If you or anyone in your family, or any of your friends has a disability, they might be interested to know about the new inclusive mobility card for people with disabilities. The new card (carte mobilit̩ inclusion РCMI) provides for priority access to seating in public transport and free parking. The permit allows all public parking spaces to be used for free and with no limit on the time you are parked; however, the duration of parking may be limited by decision of the municipality but may not be less than 12 hours. The card certifies the holder has a disability and entitles them to a number of rights, especially in transport.

The CMI is gradually replacing disability, priority and parking cards since January 1, 2017. Cards issued under previous legislation remain valid until their expiry date and, at the latest, until 31st December 2026 (card holders may apply for a CMI before that date).

The new CMI card also provides for the elderly with loss of autonomy. Elderly people who are experiencing loss of autonomy can obtain an inclusion mobility card (CMI) to facilitate their daily life.

The Service Public website has much information about this CMI card and details who can benefit from the card and the steps to be taken to obtain one.

If you would like an overview and helpful links to the facilities, organisations and support available for people in France with mobility, mental, sight or hearing impairments click here in the Angloinfo French Riviera How To pages – People with Disabilities.