The right to be forgotten: Important changes for home loan insurance

For many years cancer survivors have been penalised when taking out a home loan in France, for which insurance is mandatory. Access to insurance for a loan or mortgage has always been problematic, if not impossible, for anyone who has recovered from cancer.

However, the new law since 26 January 2016 related to modernising the French health system allows those who have recovered from cancer the ‘Right to be forgotten’. This new law sets out a maximum time limit for which medical records need to be disclosed to mortgage and loan insurers when applying for a mortgage.

The new law will benefit all former patients, who will no longer have to inform insurers or loan agencies after a period of ten years after their treatment has ended, and five years for anyone who was under 18 when they got cancer. This period is even shorter for those who have had certain types of cancer – one year for cervical cancer, certain types of breast cancer and melanomas; between three and ten years for thyroid and testicle cancer.

The Fédération bancaire française and the Fédération française de l’assurance have set up an information line for anyone wanting further information. Tel: 0801 010 801 (free from landlines)