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About the blog

On this blog I share observations about life in France, especially on the French Riviera.  I enjoy searching out the history and folklore of the area and writing about them as well. I hope they will interest you as much as they do me.

Margo Lestz About me

I am American by birth and lived in the United States until 2003, when we moved to London for my husband’s work.  We immediately felt right at home and decided to stay.  We have now become British citizens and live in London with a second home in Nice.  I enjoy the diversity of living between two different cultures as there are always surprises.  I love history, architecture, languages, literature, and travel, among other things.  You can read more from me on my other blog, Curious Rambler.  Or visit my About Me page.

My Paperback Books

Available in bookstores in Nice or from Amazon


These e-books are free to download from my site


Curious Histories of Nice, France – A queen and a donkey? Ammunition that becomes a snack? Lunch and a cannon? This book tells the stories of the people and events that have made Nice the city it is today. 

French Holidays & Traditions – April 1st and paper fish… May 1st and poisonous flowers… Mice and teeth… This short book delves into these and other curious French traditions.

Curious Histories of Provence: Tales from the South of France – Why do those noisy cicadas sing so loudly?… How did Martha deal with the dreadful local dragon?… What did Nostradamus predict in Provence?

A Taste of Nice, France – A Free E-Book – Sexy voices on the tram… A headquarters that looks like a head… A dog wedding… This book gives just a sampling of some of the places to be explored in the Riviera city of Nice.

Jean Cocteau on the Riviera – A Free E-Book – Jean Cocteau spent many years on the French Riviera and left several amazing sites dotted along the coast. This is a very short booklet listing the Cocteau sites and a bit about the man himself.

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