Living in Berlin is not simple in general. but mostly if you are an immigrant. Then you find out you represent the whole nation without even applying for the job… To be an Israeli woman in Berlin, what does it mean? Talking about community life and criticism from back home. Stay and read about the city of dreams..

Tal Shalev is a tour-guide of alternative tours in Berlin.  She is a big fan of walking in her city of dreams, films and books and create from all these dream walks. You can find more about her tours here or find her on Facebook.

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Breaking Walls in Berlin

When we live in a conflict country, we live our lives in fear and misstrust. We do not recognize the other side as human. We, at ‘Breaking Walls […]

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Community Life in Berlin

A person moves to a new country, a new city. He knows no one and has no family in this country. The language is weird and bureaucracy is […]

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Down the Rabbit Hole – An Israeli in Berlin

A teenager asked to interview me the other day, while I was waiting for someone at Alexanderplatz. He said he and his friends need it for a school […]

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