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CHEFinBERLIN is Berlin’s best catering company run by expat Canadian Chef Jill DiGiovanni. It seems Jill has found the perfect balance between her work and going to fabulous parties. Jill pushes the boundaries of plant-based cuisine with bold, exciting flavours and combinations. Her cooking school teaches people how to match their culinary skills with their inner chef. At Angloinfo she shares her Berlin food experiences with trips to various markets, gives tips on where to find speciality foods, and shares her recipes so you can create the same foods in your own kitchen if you are looking for a specific food item and can’t find it, drop her a note at CHEFinBERLIN@me.com. Sign up for her blog at www.CHEFinBERLIN.com

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Linguine with Roasted Beets, Tarragon & Caraway Seeds

This tops my list as one of the most stunning entrees prepared in a very long time.  With thanks to Viviane Bauquet Fair of FoodandStyle this was a […]

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Bombay Potatoes

Not only has the Thermomix completely changed my approach to cooking, it’s also opened my eyes to the wide range of spices and flavours in the Indian kitchen. […]

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Gnocchi with Fall Squash, Mint + Chili

This is a great bowl of seasonal goodness with gnocchi, fall squash, mint and chili. You can find pre-made gnocchi, vacuum-packed, in the dry pasta section of the […]

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You could call this a multikulti dish – flavours and ingredients from both Italy and India.  This combination of Indian spices with Italian orecchiette (named after it’s shape […]

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Quick Tip for Party Decor

Quite frequently we’re asked to set up and cater events at remote venues, holiday flat rentals, museums or other challenging settings. I like those kinds of challenges!  Most […]

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Chido’s Pleurotus Djamor – Great for Gifting!

It was a chilly but sunny Berlin day when Camille met us at Chido’s and escorted us underground into Chido’s mushroom growing facility. Out of the chill it […]

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Happily Married – Beets and Fennel

Beets and fennel go well together – a tasty marriage of flavours and textures. I drew my inspiration from two great food writers and teachers – Russell James […]

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Cauliflower, Chou-fleur, Blumenkohl

Ever since Food&Wine posted their blog I’ve been in a cauliflower state of mind. The magazine never ceases to intrigue me with their index of great recipes. I’m […]

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Eating Locally

Mother Nature is bringing you her bounty from the earth. There are loads of farmer’s markets to visit in Berlin. If you are looking for organic fruits and […]

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How to Plan a Party from Start to Finish

Throwing a party can be a little stressful, especially if you are busy with work, family and life.  Here are some tips and tricks to minimize the the […]

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