Meet Mia – Cat of the Week

Reproduced with permission from the Tierschutzverein fuer Berlin

This is Mia’s second time in the Tierschutzverein fuer Berlin (Berlin Animal Shelter), she is still seeking her forever home. The young cat does not like to be teased or harassed, and when startled she defends herself quickly. When Mia came to the shelter she was very anxious and not comfortable around people. Now she has grown accustomed to humans, and is now more trusting and can be stroked. She has become very fond of cuddles.

The Tierschutzverein fuer Berlin is looking for an experienced and patient cat lover that can take over the care of Mia. She needs time to adapt and gain confidence in her new home with a quiet place for her to retreat and rest without small children. A small garden or balcony would be ideal, she gets along well with other non-domineering cats.

To visit the beautiful Mia, you can find her at the Samtpfötchenhaus 1.

Tel. 030 7688 8121.

Please note:  A pet is a commitment of time and money and is a long-term permanent responsibility. Pet ownership is a not something to be entered into lightly, it means adding a new being into your life that could change your life.  A pet requires food, shelter, exercise, grooming, health care and companionship.

Although the Tierschutzverein fuer Berlin (Berlin Animal Shelter) has hundreds of pets available for adoption, we have selected to show you the ones desperately looking for a new home. Hopefully, with more awareness more pets will be adopted.

Reproduced with permission from the Tierschutzverein fuer Berlin
Identification – No. 13/7444
Breed: Domestic Shorthair
Birthdate: ca. 04/2012
In Shelter since: 19.11.2013
Gender: Female / neutered