TOO DRUNK TO WATCH – Punk Film Fest Berlin 2016

With the tag line “Love Movies, Hate Fascism”, the Punk Film Festival Berlin is back for its fifth year. With films from, about, and with Punk, resistance, and anarchy this is certainly a unique an interesting event. In 2016, the festival highlights 15 documentary and feature films (including several European and German premiers), 10 short films and music videos, two readings, and, of course, punk music. 


The films will be shown at the Moviemento Kino Berlin Kreuzeberg, some events are held in the lounge of the cinema, and in the summer there will be an opportunity to watch select films at the Open Air Kino Mitte. Concerts will be at Schokoladen.


April 6th-10th, 2016


Tickets can be purchased at the website of Moviemento Kino. Festival films are marked with the words “Too drunk to watch”. Information about the films shown at the festival can be found at the 

Highlights of the Week:

  • On April 7th at 19:00, there will be a concert of the Polish punk band ULICZNY OPRYSZEK at the club Schokoladen.
  • Screenings: Burning from the Inside  (April 6th at 22:15/ April 7th at 17:45)
    • A socio-political documentary about the Neo-Nazi scene in Athens and Berlin. It raises the issue of the global Neo-Nazi movement, refugee politics, and the Germany’s role as the “Queen of Europe”. Not only a horror story, but one of hope as well as it also shows the power people have when they rally against such backwards thinking.
  • European Premier: Piss on you – Winnipeg’s early Punk scene (April 8th at 19:45)
    • A look at the early 80’s development of the highly influential underground Punk scene in Winnipeg, Canada.
  • Screening: Persecution Blues – The Battle for The Tote(April 9th at 22:00)
    • The Tote Hotel is a music venue in Melbourne, Australia famous for its background of hosting counterculture bands and culture. When a change in the law caused The Tote to close its doors in 2010, bands and over 20,000 fans fought to keep an important part of the culture of Melbourne alive. 

Finishing Up…
In addition to films and music, there are also a few parties including an opening pizza party, and an all-you-can-eat vegan brunch in support of Sea Watch, and a festival beer which costs only a euro. Be sure to check out their official facebook page for updates!