Life is a Cabaret – and we are all in it Together.

I think it is funny how you go through life thinking you are such a unique being and find out as you age you are one of many & most of us if not on the same page are in  the same book.   Did you have this poster in your first post-college apartment? I did. Maybe it was a New York thing but I think everyone I knew at some point had this poster hanging in their apartment.   Was it the colors, the French, the cat, or cabaret that drew us all to Le Chat Noir?   After seeing a play last night about cabaret my gut now tells me it is was a little bit of everything – for without everything mixing at once you have nothing. Life is a Cabaret?! 

I am always on the search for events in English not just for my own piece of mind – although it is  delightful to go into any event and understand every word being spoken – but also because our summer schedule  quickly filling up with guest from out of town and we are always on the hunt for events  to entertain them that we know we all can enjoy. This is one of those events.

Thursday night I went to see A Cabaret Story –   Berlin’s Live Historical Review  at the Sally Bowles Event Café in the city’s Schoenberg district.   The neighborhood was home to many cabarets in Berlin’s Heyday.  As I  was walking from the station to the theater – a very short & easy walk – I had time to wander and it still has that feeling that something very special goes on – nothing seedy or surly – although cabarets can be – but just left off center in the most interesting way.   

The venue is charming –candlelight & dark wood details  welcome you in – as does a rather large bar with an impressive drink menu.  Gimlet anyone? The drinks are timeless and the setting albeit traditional is timely. 

The performance takes place just beyond the bar and the set-up simple – a piano, a few props & room for 20 or so audience members.   Bring your cocktail to your seat & sit back for an evening you are sure to enjoy.  Actually don’t sit back too much the story is told in such an engaging manner – and the songs & stories so catchy – I found myself on the edge of my seat as the troupe told the story ala cabaret-style of the history of the art from its birthplace of Paris to its pre-WWII Golden Age  in Berlin – and even a peak of its & Berlin’s rebirth post-WWII.  

The actors and pianist are super talented with resumes that are as impressive as their showmanship.   The theater charming & inviting.  The story engaging & the music memorable.  All good things and worthy in and of themselves a visit but what I really enjoyed is learning about the history of the cabaret in Europe and the effects of time & war on the art form.  I love walking away from an event wanting to learn more & this story had that effect. 


Greetings from my first apartment wall.

The show goes on the first Thursday of every month at 8PM.   Check out the website for more details –