30 minutes free Wi-Fi at Hamburg-Hauptbahnhof

From today, Deutsche Bahn and Telekom are offering 30 minutes free Wi-Fi via hotspots at theĀ  railway stations Hamburg-Hauptbahnhof, Hamburg-Altona and Hamburg-Harburg. The hotspots cover big public areas within the station and some waiting areas.

List of all the railway stations with Wi-Fi here

And this is how it works:

  • Activate “WLAN” or Wi-Fi on your smart phone or laptop and show networks
  • Select “Telekom” and connect
  • start internet – railway station hotspot shows
  • type in your mobile number (all national and international numbers accepted)
  • SMS code is sent to you
  • type in SMS code into hotspot portal
  • you can use Wi-Fi for 30 minutes now

After 30 minutes, further service can be purchased – various tariffs available.

Source: Deutsche Bahn Press Release