After the storm – railway update for Thursday

Update effective Thursday 6:45

3 days after the storm, railway service is not yet back to normal. Thes long distance lines are affected:

Stand: Donnerstag, 31. Oktober 2013, 06:45 Uhr

Hamburg – Elmshorn – Westerland(Sylt): connection open, service will resume on Friday, 01.11.2013 (IC 30)

Hamburg – Flensburg: segment from  Neumünster to Flensburg closed, no long distance trains from or to Flensburg and Denmark (ICE/EC 76)

Hamburg – Kiel: Segment Neumünster to Kiel closed; no long distance trains to and from Kiel (ICE 20 and 22)

Oldenburg(Oldb) – Leer(Ostfriesl): closed, no long distance trains (IC 56)

Emden – Norddeich: closed, no long distance trains (IC 35 and 56)

Source: DB Bahn