After the storm

After one of the strongest storms of recent years, Hamburg and the North are getting back to normal today.

Public Transport in Hamburg:

S-Bahn S3: No S-Bahn connection between Stade and Buxtehude until the evening. More at hvv website

Railway services:

Restrictions in regional railway services: DB information website

  • KBS 103 Kiel/Itzehoe-Hamburg: Severe damages. Elmshorn-Pinneberg-Hamburg closed until noon. Kiel/Itzehoe – Elmshorn open.
  • KBS 140 Lübeck-Neustadt-Puttgarden: closed until noon.
  • KBS 146 Kiel-Flensburg: closed until noon.

Restrictions in long distance railway services:

(restrictions as of today, 7:45)

  • Hamburg – Westerland(Sylt): closed
  • Hamburg – Flensburg: closed
  • Hamburg – Kiel: closed
  • Hamburg – Lübeck: open
  • Lübeck – Puttgarden: closed
  • Hannover – Bremen: partly open
  • Bremen – Oldenburg(Oldb) – Leer(Ostfriesl) – Norddeich: closed
  • Osnabrück – Bad Bentheim – Amsterdam: open

More: DB information website

Storm Damage