Church Recording at Anglican Church St. Thomas Becket starts today


The Anglican Church of St. Thomas Becket in Hamburg

The Church Recording Project that BRIDFAS (British Decorative and Fine Arts Society of Hamburg e.V) has initiated with The Anglican Church of St Thomas Becket is unique in Hamburg and Germany, and this Monday and Tuesday 24/25 November sees the project take off.

A Church Recording expert from the national organisation (NADFAS) in London is coming to Hamburg for 2 days to give the volunteer team some training and go around the church identifying the specific areas to be recorded. The church record of the Anglican Church of Hamburg will be a joint project with volunteers from within the church community and members of BRIDFAS.


Chairperson Pat Pledger says about the project: “As far as we know this is pretty unique in Germany and mainland Europe, although in the UK NADFAS, the BRIDFAS HQ, has done many many churches in the UK (and Australia and NZ) over the past 40 years.”

Rvd Matthew Jones of the Anglican Church in Hamburg has informed Bishop Robert about this project and he has sent a very encouraging note of support for it.  

Again Pat Pledger: “We believe this may be one of the first such projects in an English church in Europe and so it is exciting thing for us all to get involved with.”

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