Discover Hafencity

Hafencity- a new inner-city district that not only exudes culture but further to that makes for a prominent part of Hamburgs evolution. The Speicherstadt stands for over 125 years of port and commercial history, originating as the traditional coffee trade hub of Hamburg and world’s leading carpet trade centre. While elements of Hafencitys’ rich past remain, it has undergone fundamental changes in operation, today serving as a tourist/visitors hotspot. 


Cap San Diego Hamburg

The largest seaworthy museum cargo ship in the world! Discover shipping history, break at the Bistro, stay over night in the passenger cabins or even set sail with the cabin crew.  |  Open daily 10am- 6pm



Tea and coffee trading, tools and the construction of the Speicherstadt in the authentic surroudings of a warehouse dating back to 1888.  |  Open Mon.-Fri. 10am- 5pm, Sat.-Sun. 10am- 6pm (Closed Mondays Nov to March)


Miniatur Wunderland Model Railway

The world’s largest railway exhibition expanding across 1,300 sq.m.  in 8 themed areas. With over 11 million visitors so far, Miniatur Wunderland is one of Speicherstadt’s main attractions.  |  Open daily 9:30am- 6pm, Tue. till 9pm, Fri. 9:30am- 7pm, Sat. 8am- 9pm, Sun. 8:30am- 8pm


Hamburg Dungeon

During the course of the 100 minute tour, visitors escape the Great Fire of 1842, hanged in the 30 year war then beheaded by Pirates. All of this in an entertaining show with actors, rides and special effects (children ages 10 or over). |  Opening hours on website


Spicy’s Gewürzmuseum

The only spice museum in the world- smell, feel and taste the collection of approx. 50 unique spices. More than 900 exhibits illustrate the evolution of spices from their planting to the finished product, spanning 500 years.  |  Open Tue.-Sun. 10am-5pm (Open Mondays from July- October)


Hafencity Infocenter in Kasselhaus

The Kasselhaus formerally generated energy for the Speicherstadt, today it’s the information centre for Hamburg’s most famous urban development project; Hafencity.  |  Tue.-Sun. 10am- 6pm (Thursdays till 8pm May-Sept)


Deutsches Zollmuseum

The comprehensive history of customs from certificates and contracts, hiding places and smuggled goods to uniforms are on display, with around 1,000 exhibits.  |  Tue.-Sun. 10am-5pm


Dialog Im Dunkeln

This is an exhibition where you are guaranteed to see nothing. That’s not to say there’s nothing to discover- it’s a journey through complete darkness. You will experience everyday situations, yet discover a completely different world.  |  Tue.-Fri. 9am- 5pm, Sat. 10am- 8pm, Sun. 11am- 6pm


OSAKA 9- Hafencity Sustainability Pavilion

Core issues pertaining to ecological, sustainable urban development can be observed in the OSAKA 9 exhibition.  |  Tue.- Sun. 10am- 6pm


Internationales Maritimes Museum Hamburg

Inside Hamburg’s oldest maintained warehouse, the Maritime Museum displays 3,000 years of maritime history with precious exhibits from all over the world- miniature models, treasure trove, ships made out of gold and more.  |  Tue.-Sun. 10am- 6pm


Automuseum Prototyp

Experience the fascination of German racing history- with around 45 unique racing cars, an audio box, Porsche 356 simulator, films and digitalised photo albums.  |  Tue.-Sun. 10am- 6pm