Education Centre opened in Wilhelmsburg

Hamburg’s most ambitious educational project opened doors yesterday in Wilhelmsburg. The centre “Tor zur Welt” (Gate to the World) combines various schools and related services in one complex. The project was developed part of the International Building Exhibition IBA. 60 million euro were invested aiming at the neighbourhood development Wilhelmsburg and at strengthening then co-operation between school and non-school education and counselling.

Tor zur Welt in Wilhelmsburg February 2013
Education Centre Tor zur Welt in Wilhelmsburg.
Copyright Photo IBA Hamburg GmbH / Martin Kunze

These institutions are part of the Education Centre “Tor zur Welt”:

  • schools Helmut-Schmidt-Gymnasium and Elbinselschule with together 1500 students
  • regional education and counselling centre (Regionales Bildungs- und Beratungszentrum)
  • “Torhaus” offering the main auditorium, canteen, kitchens, music and art classrooms,  theatres and parent’s cafe
  • Parents’ school Wilhelmsburg
  • support group “Inselmütter”
  • community college “Hamburger Volkshochschule”
  • theatre “Theater am Strom”
  • association for intercultural communication and education “Verikom”
  • further education institute “Weiterbildung Hamburg”
  • kindergarten “Kita Koppelstieg”
  • natural Science Centre for primary school and secondary schools
  • sports halls
  • school & business centre for job orientation
Map Education Centre Tor zur Welt
Map of the Education Centre in Wilhelmsburg “Tor zur Welt”.
Source and copyright IBA Hamburg GmbH / Norbert Thomas



Sources: City of Hamburg Education Authorities and IBA website