Fire in Golden Poodle Club Hamburg – Confirmed Act of Arson

It could have ended in disaster, but luckily no one was hurt. Early Sunday, around 3am, a fire broke out in a shed by the door of the “Golden Pudel” Club, where about 150 people were partying. The first signs of smoke went unnoticed by those inside the venue. It wasn’t until a Police patrol discovered the flame, which quickly spread into the disco, that the party guests were alerted and fled to safety outside. Fortunately, nobody was injured. The Firefighters needed hours to bring the flame under control. 

The first press release from the Hamburg Police stated the the cause of the flame was not yet known. Further investigation unveiled that the fire started from a deliberate act of arson. The fire, that would not only destroy the building, could have also cost many people their lives. Who started the fire is still unclear.

The Golden Pudel Club is closed until further notice. “The extent of material damage is not yet known… [but] the roof is particularly in danger of collapsing” according to the district office Bauprüfabteilung Altona. 


Police Report: