Good bye to Hamburg and Germany

On his farewell tour through Germany, the Ambassador of the United States in Germany Philip D. Murphy came to Hamburg yesterday. Looking back on his four year term, he showed himself a fan of Germany. “Why American Presidents and Americans count on Germany” was the title of his departure speech which he started by talking about “how the legacy of yesterday connects with the world we want to build tomorrow”, and which led him to the reaffirm that it was always worthwhile to go to Germany – for American students, for himself and his family, and for American presidents.

Professor Dr. Michael Göring, chairman of the Bucerius Law School Supervisory Board, welcomed Philip D. Murphy as a friend and thanked him for his third visit at the law school. The private Bucerius School, founded by the ZEIT-Stiftung Ebelin und Gerd Bucerius, strives to represent best of German and US academic traditions, and holds strong ties to Universities and the legal community in the US.

In his speech, Philip Murphy brought to life 68 years of US presidential visits to post-war Germany. All those American presidents who came to Germany set cornerstones, always in bilateral relations, sometimes in world history – from President Truman in 1945, to President Kennedy’s famous “Ich bin ein Berliner” speech, from George W. Bush’s support for unification to President Obama’s visit in Berlin next week.

At his last Germany visit, President Obama had said that when visiting the Buchenwald that “the camp serves as a reminder of humanity’s duty to fight the spread of evil.” Mr. Murphy believes that that the President will focus even more strongly on these responsibilities arising from this duty when he comes to Berlin next week.

Germany has played an important role in powering the global economy and in providing security around the world, he said, and continued: “And don’t think this goes unnoticed in the US.” For the future, he expects both countries to play an enormous role in all the current world issues – peace in Middle east, situation in Syria, Iran, just to name a few. And both countries will work together to achieve a comprehensive Trade and Investment Partnership with the EU – and create more trade, less barriers and more jobs.

The audience was young, and very interested to learn more from Philip D. Murphy. He for his part was enthralled to learn that a group of secondary school students from America were among his listeners,visiting the Helene-Lange-Gymnasium for three weeks. Mr. Murphy told the audience of his dearest project (which is yet to realize): He has designed an exchange program for young students from inner cities, possibly with immigration background, where they can share volunteers” work and community service in the US and in Germany, and to learn about each other’s country and people.