HafenCity outlook 2014

In a press conference on Wednesday, Mr. Bruns-Berentelg, CEO of HafenCity GmbH and responsible for Europe’s largest city development project, gave an outlook for 2014.

The HafenCity area will growth to the south and the east. 9 projects encompassing 180.000 square meters gross floor area and investment funds of 650 million Euro are ready to start, giving new dynamics to the HafenCity development.

These are the big steps planned for 2014:

copyright HafenCity GmbH. Quartier Strandkai: Architecture to be defined. Überseequartier: New investor to be found. Baakenhafen: Building owners to be selected. Quartier Elbbrücken: Town concept will be designed.

Among the projects is the Baakenhafen neighbourhood which will be characterized by intensive use for housing and recreation. Its 1,800 homes will enjoy two waterfronts on HafenCity’s largest harbour basin. Investors for these house building projects will be selected in 2014.

Opposite of Baakenhafen quarter, a huge open air field and hall will be dedicated to music and cultural events for ten years. This project will be offered by tender soon.

At the Überseequartier, a new investor is being selected. The area is designated for a commercial centre, yet the Senate of the City of Hamburg decided against any kind of shopping mall. Instead, planners are looking for solutions that protect potential customers against the weather, mainly cold winds, focusing an open and transparent open space approach.

Works have already started at Lohsepark, the central HafenCity park, functioning as a “green link” between Brooktorhafen and the Elbe.

In addition to the building and planning tasks, the HafenCity project will focus on urban development in a broader sense as well. City planners are aiming at a family friendly atmosphere in existing and new housing areas and at attracting young and creative businesses and industries. The opening of the HafenCity University building in 2014 will add to this effect.

Detailed information about the HafenCity development project is available in English here.

This photo give an impression of the HafenCity progress at the start of 2014:

Areal view over HafenCity.
Photo copyright FotoFrizz, HafenCity GmbH



HafenCity University
Photo copyright Thomas Hampel – HafenCity GmbH