IBA Hamburg: Where will we live, work and learn in 2033?

Germany has a long tradition of so called International Building Exhibitions – IBA (Internationale Bauausstellung). They are much more than just a building exhibition. It is about real time research and development and tries to find answers to these urban projects: Where will we live, work and learn 20 years on? How will we solve major problems like climate change?

This is how IBA describes their programme on the website: “It’s about real-time research and development. Like a laboratory. Except that the laboratory is in fact an entire district in the city and research leads to actual built space.”

During 7 years, Hamburg researched and developed over 60 architectural, social and cultural projects. The sites for the IBA Hamburg are the Elbe islands between Hafen City and Harburg – up to now industrial sites in the heart of the City. And now, in 2013, the results are presented to the public – everyone is invited to see and discover.

A good starting point for visitors is the floating pavillion on the lake near Bürgerhaus Wilhelmsburg (Mengestraße 20, 21107 Hamburg). The opening will take place there on Saturday, March 23 at 18:00, and visitors are invited to a full programme of open doors and tours all weekend.

The grand finale of IBA, the exhibition of all the projects and buildings, will be open to the public until November 3, 2103. Admission is free to most exhibitions. Information about all the projects at IBA Dock, Am Zollhafen 12, 20539 Hamburg and at the Wilhelmsburg Central Infopoint, Kurt-Emmerich-Platz 2, 21109 Hamburg and in the AngloINFO What’s on.

All about IBA Hamburg  in English here.