Letter to Syria – a Hamburg 2015 Writers project

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In the spring of 2015, Christiano leaves his war-torn home country Syria. In the summer of 2015, he arrives on the shores of the Elbe River at Wedel near Hamburg. There he meets Lukas. Cristiano writes a letter to his homeland Syria. Together they translate the text into German so that people in both countries will understand the message. At the  poetry slam they presented their text for the first time. The audience was left speechless – listening not only to a Syrian and a German, but to two young men, two friends.

Margaret Metzler did the English translation and became pretty attached to the project. She says: “So much has been written and debated about the migration of refugees to Europe and beyond this past year, but the intimately human aspect of the lives involved is often overshadowed by the numbers. My hope is for this story to help change that.”

Video by Tom Roeler, drawings by Mehrdad Zaeri. With English subtitles.

Hamburg 2015 Writers | Christiano & Lukas
Video+Production: Roeler |
Drawings: Mehrdad Zaeri |
Animations: Dirk Frömmer |
Musik: Lion-Audio
English translation: Margaret C. Metzler