NO Hamburg Olympics 2024

Hamburg was one of 5 cities left in the running to host the 2024 Olympic Games, along with Rome, Paris, Budapest and Los Angeles.

Yesterday, however, Hamburg officials announced the city’s withdrawal from the bidding to host the Games after falling short in a public referendum. 

51.6% of the voters voted against the Olympics, with a turnout of 50.1%

The decision was announced by officials via the @2024Hamburg Twitter feed: “A crucial day is coming to an end – 48.3% ‘Yes’ votes in Hamburg are not enough to stay in the bidding process for the Games 2024.”

Hamburg mayor Olaf Scholz said: “The senate and I would have preferred a different decision, but it is a clear one.”


The Olympic Games have not been held in Germany since 1972 (Munich). Hamburg is the second German city whose public rejected the proposals to host the Games (two years ago Munich voted against the chance to host the 2022 Winter Games).

The winning city will be selected in September 2017.