Olaf Scholz opened youth job centre in Bergedorf

Today, the First Mayor of Hamburg, Olaf Scholz, and the president of the Bundesagentur für Arbeit, Frank-J. Weise opened the 7th youth job centre in Hamburg, With this opening, all boroughs in Hamburg now have job centres that service exclusively to young people from grade 9 and 10 up to age 25.

The youth job centres aim to reach all young people and to offer a vocational training or an apprenticeship or a university career to every single youth. This project is leading in Germany, other Bundesländer will follow.

Hamburg is committed to provide this help without loss. They will even visit young people at their homes to offer consulting if they do not react to invitations or letters.

This offer is open for all students and young people, regardless their background. As the Hamburg Senator for Employment,Social Affairs, Family and Integration, Detlef Scheele confirmed to AngloINFO Hamburg, young immigrants and EU citizens can report to their local youth job centre as well as anybody else.

In Bergedorf, the Jugendberufsagentur is located in the basement of the local job centre, featuring an ambience where young people feel comfortable and supported. All addresses and opening times in the AngloFILE directory.