The Germans, the English and the Spanish at "Costa del Love"

The Nickelodeon show “Costa del Love” premiered yesterday at Fliegende Bauten, and it was great fun. William and Wilma, an English couple on their “second honeymoon”, had their audience at grips as they were struggling with heat and the language in Spain, the different expectations between men and women and all the other challenges of a beach holiday, including a gun and potential affairs.

Krissie Illing as Wilma speaks English only, but she does not need to speak at all: Her pantomime, dancing, stumbling and blundering leave nothing open. Together with Mark Britton as William they build a team that cannot be beaten in slapstick and British humour. “William” entertains in German (French, Spanish and Arab being not his field, although he tries hard), and relates to the German audience.

The full-length programm is best enjoyed if you understand a little German, but works in English, too. In any case it is the perfect preparation for you own family beach holiday – one of the great adventures for married couples all over the world.


Shows: 3. – 6. July, 20:00, 7. July 19:00 at Fliegende Bauten, tickets from €23.90