Unforseen construction works blocking A7 traffic

Hamburg Wasser, Hamburg’s water utility company, had to close 2 of 3 lanes on A7 (direction south) because of unforeseen obstructions during the sewer reparation works beneath the autobahn. Also affected is autobahn A23 at the motorway junction Hamburg-Nordwest.

This is the main connection for commuters from Schleswig-Holstein to Hamburg. The closure caused traffic jams up to 18 km on Wednesday morning. The construction works will continue several days. Tonight, one of the lanes will be opened again, allowing traffic to use 2 of 3 lanes. Hamburg Wasser can not estimate yet when the 3rd lane will be opened for the traffic.

The public transport company HVV in Hamburg announced that more trains will be operating from the outskirts and the north to Hamburg. AKN, S-Bahn, regional trains and Nord-Ostsee-Bahn are working hard to increase their transport volume. Changes in the HVV timetables are available on-line or via info line 040 19449.

Source: Hamburg Wasser press release, HVV press release

Update 15:30: HVV map with public transport alternatives

Public transport routes for commuters from the North: To avoid traffic congestion on A7, use trains, U-Bahn and Schnellbahnen
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