"Xaver" arrives in Hamburg – schools closed on Friday

Update 5.12. 21:30: Official warning against thunderstorms lifted, storm warnings remain.

At Hamburg public schools, lessons are cancelled for tomorrow, Friday 6.12. Care for children at primary schools and care for children at secondary schools, grade 5 to 10, are guaranteed. Passsenger transport for children with disabilities is operating. Private schools decide on their own if they close or not. School information here.

As the International School of Hamburg announced on the website, the school is closed on Friday, 6.12.

At Phorms School, the information day is cancelled on Friday, 6.

Update 5.12. 15:20: Official warning against severe thunderstorms this afternoon.

In a press release, the Senate of Hamburg ressures that the dikes are high enough, to protect against the expected storm tide. Notably, they are about 2 meters higher than in 1062, when large parts of the city were flooded.  In St- Pauli the tide is forecasted to reach 4 m above normal or 6.10 m above sea level. Dikes are built as high as 7.50 m up to 9.25 m above sea level.

Udpate 5.12. 13:00: Many flights cancelled at Hamburg Airport. Here are the links for departures and arrivals from Hamburg Airport. Information about booked flights available are provided by the airlines – you can find a list of airlines here.

Update 5.12. 12:10: All public schools in Schleswig-Holstein will remain closed on Friday, 6.12. hotline 0800-1827271, more information here.

Update 5.12. 12:00: All students grade 5 to 10 can leave school and go home as long as they can manage the way home on their own. Hamburg Schools Authority announcement here.

Update 5.12. 10:00: Primary Schools: Please pick up your children after school. Schools will not sent children home on their own after school. Day care is guaranteed. School authorities information here.

Wind storm  “Xaver” is expected in the north of Germany, bringing gusts, snow and rain, starting Thursday afternoon. The North Sea coast and Hamburg are preparing for storm tides. Official warnings are issued.

In Lower Saxony, schools are closed in many districts. In the Hamburg Metropolitan region these are: Rotenburg/Wümme, Landkreis Stade, Landkreis and Stadt Cuxhaven. More here.

In Hamburg, schools are not closed. At primary schools parents can decide to keep the children at home, but day care and schools are open.

Christmas Markets in Hamburg, Lübeck, Kiel and Rostock are closed on Thursday, as well as the festival “Winterdom” in Hamburg.

Forecasts are showing three storm surges for Hamburg – owners should remove their cars from lower parking lots near St. Pauli Fischmarkt, Övelgönne and Neumühlen.

Hamburg forest authorities warn against entering the forests. Until Sunday, citizens should not walk in the woods – there is potential hazard by falling trees and branches.

DWD Map for Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg, 5.12. at 12:36

Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg warnings
Schleswig-Holstein and Hamburg warnings on Thursday (noon)
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