What's New in 2013?

As every year, there are changes in German law and policies that may affect you when living and working in Germany. Here are the most important changes:

  • “Praxisgebühr” – The Practice Fee of 10 Euro will be omitted from January 1, 2013. Patients don’t have to pay anymore when visiting a doctor.
  • “Minijob” – The maximum wage for mini-jobbers rises from 400 Euro to 450 Euro – up to this amount, employees don’t have to pay social security fees.
  • Mandatory contributions to the old age pension scheme will be lower: Employees and employers will pay 18,9 % in 2013 (before: 19,6)
  • New fee system for the payment of public broadcasting services: Every household has to pay 17,98 Euro to the GEZ, whether you own a TV set or not.