World's biggest school chess tournament won by "Rechtes Alsterufer"

copyright Alsteruferturnier

In this very traditional tournament, one half of Hamburg is competing against the other one in school chess each year. 2608 primary and secondary students from 131 schools participated yesterday in the tournament at Congress Center Hamburg.

“Rechtes Alsterufer” (the right hand banks of River Alster, or the red half in the map) won by a narrow 655,5 to 648,5 points final result. The Golden Cup will go to Primary School Sternschanze this year.

The tournament had been opened in the morning of February 20 with an inter net match between the School Genslerstrasse (Hamburg) and Barham Primary School London (won by the Hamburg school that teaches chess as a regular school subject).

For the first time, the tournament welcomed guests from London: Twickenham Prep School came to Hamburg, accompanied by chess grandmaster Daniel King. He said: “Chess helps students with other school subject, and above all, it is great fun, as we can see here, at the tournament.”

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