Was hat uns bloß so ruiniert (We Used to Be Cool) ***

The three couples, being in their 30s, are all good friends. They are successful, enjoying life with all the material comforts of today. They are hip, cool and grow organic tomatoes on their balcony. When Stella happily announces that she and Markus are expecting a baby, this works like a wake-up-call for the entire group. Suddenly, the various relationships need re-evaluation; starting a family seems to be the next expected step. The girls are gently pressurizing their partners and soon we follow them through the various pregnancy preparations – witnessing a mix of drama and funny situations.

Conflicting ideas of how to feed and raise children are heatedly discussed. Doubts about the partner and insecurities about parenthood come up. Mignon insists on only “bio” food and designer clothes for her child. Ines gets frustrated and throws out Chris who has to live in his car. Nothing seems to stay the way it was before. Their old slogan: “not to become bourgeois,” does not help. Each couple has to find their individual values and personal life-style even if it means not conforming to the group.

Marie Kreutzer’s film focuses solely on the generation of the thirty-somethings with all their challenging issues and different backgrounds. Finding a way of restructuring daily life as a family is told with empathy and much humor. The result is an entertaining movie dealing with the changing role model of young mothers and fathers. (Birgit Schrumpf)

  • Austria 2016
  • Opening February 9, 2017
  • Directed by: Marie Kreutzer
  • Writing credits: Marie Kreutzer
  • Principal actors: Vicky Krieps, Pia Hierzegger, Pheline Roggan, Marcel Mohab, Manuel Rubey, Andreas Kiendl