Beautiful Anarchy on New Year’s Eve

 New Year’s Eve in Germany is totally out of character. One could even think it unGerman.  For the country that has an official Bureau of Order, the “Ordnungsamt”, the 31st of December is anything but orderly. Firecrackers are going off every which way from backyards and balconies all across the country, without a clue where the debris might be landing.  On New Year’s Day, have a look and you may be surprised at what has landed in your garden.  

This total anarchy of the skies is only one night a year, and it is worth it just to stay up and see the action.  As unorganized and perhaps dangerous as it may be, it is beautiful and exciting to watch because you never know what’s coming and how close it is coming to you!  Where ever you live, the skies will be lit up and popping.  Unlike professionally orchestrated fireworks that you normally experience, this is really a case of expecting the unexpected.  Perhaps it is the mass confusion, but at the same time the solidarity of this celebration mood which makes it so much fun.  Party on everyone! (forget about sleeping or put a big pillow over your head and hope for the best)

I heard of someone recently driving from Brussels to Aachen to buy fireworks so I am wondering if they are illegal in Belgium.  Maybe Germany is fireworks headquarters? Although I hear issues of warning and caution every year,  there will undoubtedly be reports of fireworks injuries sustained New Year’s Eve. So here you have it from me too, be careful! Whatever the case or the cause, Germany has no reservations about letting people put on their own fireworks displays.  The only thing left to do is sit back and watch the beautiful anarchy on New Year’s Eve.  If you don’t want to use “real” fireworks (like me), there’s always Sparklers:)  

Have fun and Happy New Year!