Mowing in Winter

Ok Ok, the snow has just melted and here I am, wanting to talk about mowing.  Normally, the winter is a respite from worrying about the lawn and garden.  However, thanks to my local newspaper, and the CDU and Green parties, it has not been a lawn-worry-free winter.     Somehow, somewhere, someone had too much time on their hands.  They decided that we law-abiding citizens needed some more laws to obey.  In the form of lawn mowing, leaf blowing and hedge trimming.  


Anyone new to Germany will learn quickly that there are noise laws; you cannot mow or do any noisy things in your backyard between the hours of 1pm and 3 pm every day, and on Sundays and holidays.  These are traditional, quiet resting hours.  And from experience, there are some neighbors who take this seriously.  Although once in awhile I have thought about doing some bribing with chocolate brownies.  


Some weeks ago, I read the Greens and the CDU in Bonn decided to propose stricter laws; leaf blowers and lawn mowers would only be allowed between 9 am – 1 pm and from 3 pm – 5 pm.   They said all the noise was making us sick.  We needed more noise free hours in the day.   Assuming you don’t work, and only have to look after the lawn, you may be able to get through the Spring and Summer crime free with the new laws imposed.  If you have a job from 9-5, however and it rains every Saturday, you might consider growing a pasture and getting sheep to graze.


Miracle of all miracles, I read today that a majority of the politicians decided not to vote for the proposed new noise law.  They considered it to be hostile to citizens. Oh joy, common sense prevailed. Now I can stop thinking about mowing in the middle of winter.