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Top shopping tips for a bountiful Black Friday

Sharpen your elbows, put on a pair of comfortable shoes and get mentally ready to leap for the best deals, but before you do here’s a shopping bag […]

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How powerful is your passport?

Does your passport control your life? Yes, it probably does, and that’s quite a thought really, that that little red, blue or green booklet has enough power to […]

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Do you live in one of the best places in the world?

Would you fall for a “Best place…” ranking to chose a city, region or country to live in? I did and it didn’t work out… How do you […]

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How to Style Your Expat Property to Make it Feel Like Home

  If you’ve recently taken up an opportunity to live and work abroad, then you’re in for the time of your life: moving to another country is an […]

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Is Halloween a crazy celebration where you live?

I risk coming across as a kill joy, but here goes… What’s happened to Halloween? Everyone has gone nuts over it here in the UK! Is it the […]

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How to have the perfect work-life balancing act in France

There aren’t many expats who have the perfect work-life balance, but here’s someone who really has… In a blog post earlier this year about Leggett property agents being […]

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Expat gaffes you’ll totally relate to

We know that expat life can be challenging and more than a little confusing at times – especially in the early days when we’re still getting the feel […]

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October food and wine festivals to fulfil expat foodies

The autumn months are great for food and wine festivals around the world. The harvests are in and the vines have been harvested in the Northern Hemisphere, while […]

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Sight and sound treats for expats in Luxembourg

If you enjoy non-mainstream movies, Luxembourg is the place to be this month with the CinEast film festival. Read on to find out more and how to catch […]

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The best place to live for your children’s health and wellbeing

If your children’s overall health and wellbeing is paramount to having a happy expat experience, look no further than northern Europe, according to the results of a new […]

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