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7 tips to help you settle into your new home city in Belgium

Now that you’ve moved to Belgium, find out with these 7 tips how to get to know your city so that you can settle in quickly and efficiently. […]

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Together for Peace: The difference a day can make around the world

Today, 21 September, 2017, the United Nations Secretary-General António Guterres will mark Peace Day in the Peace Garden at the UN Headquarters, in New York City, by ringing […]

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Mexico City Earthquake – Find Loved Ones and Help Others

On the anniversary of the 1985 earthquake Mexico City has once again been hit by a quake – this one measuring 7.1 on the Richter Scale. More than […]

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Why extracurricular activities matter for your expat child’s future

Now that school is in full swing it’s the perfect time to get your expat children’s extracurricular activities organised for the rest of the year. It’s easy to […]

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Simple tips to learn a new language in 3 months

Whether you’re learning to speak Spanish, French, German, Portuguese or even Pirate, on this, International Talk Like a Pirate Day, here are 9 tips that will help you […]

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Different Health Foods Around the World

by Helen Sanders, chief editor at Helen Sanders takes us on a grand tour of the world’s most famous – and infamous – health foods. From all the […]

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What’s it really like to be a property agent in the Cote d’Azur? Find out here…

Discover the answer in my interview with a Cote d’Azur-based property agent and why her dream job might suit you too! The answer to the question “what’s it […]

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How to prepare yourself for a successful move to Belgium

Find out how to embrace a life in Belgium with this essential moving-in checklist. In the words of the official ‘I Love Belgium‘ campaign, Belgium is a country […]

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Is homeschooling a smart choice for expats?

Today, I’m thinking and writing about the subject of homeschooling, delving into its legality and the question of whether it’s a good thing for you and your child. […]

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5 events in Paris to help you settle in fast

If you’ve recently moved to Paris and Ile de France, here are five events to help you settle in as quickly as possible, from learning how to act […]

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