5 reasons why an overseas job is a smart career move

If you are thinking of moving overseas to follow a career opportunity, here are five reasons why that move will help you boost your career even further in the future.

Working overseas can make you more adaptable and curious person – both good workplace characteristics

Imagine you are sitting in a pre-interview room with another candidate. She looks the same age, give or take, so probably has the same number of years’ work experience. You get chatting.

Since her first job out of university, your new acquaintance – let’s call her your “adversary” (after all, you are going for the same job) has accepted roles in different countries. Her first job was voluntary job during a “gap year” and then she had two more, each in a different country. In contrast, you accepted good roles that kept you close to home. Both of you are now ready for a challenging job in your home country. After a short time chatting, you feel the opposition has a very different outlook and may be more suited to the job you’re applying for.

If you’re heading towards the imaginary interview situation above, there’s really no point worrying, you just have to get on and do your best. But if you’re at a “crossroads” in your career, with the chance to go overseas, here are five reasons why “the adversary’s” experience could have had such an impact:

1. It broadens your horizons and “builds character”
Anything that puts you out of your comfort zone adds layers of experience that will strengthen your character and open your eyes to challenges and opportunities.

2. It will make you more curious
Anyone who has travelled will have had to and wanted to discover more about the place they are in; the cultures, the food, the people, the religion. A curious person is a good problem solver and is good at brainstorming – both excellent work traits.

3. Improved organisational skills
Dealing with travel, different time zones, plotting and planning an overseas move – never mind the actual job – will help develop far a finer-tuned organisational skill set.

Working out the everyday requirements of living in foreign culture can make other work related tasks seem less challenging

4. Decreases risk adversity

Moving outside your comfort zone will help increase your taste for taking on new challenges, not necessarily dangerous risk, but new ideas and projects that can lead a business/employer to the next level.

5. Improves adaptability

An expat life forces you to adapt to the new norms and cultures of the new country, even when the language is the same. I you don’t adapt to some degree, it will be a fairly fruitless exercise, so most people working overseas do.

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