Clever half-term travel tips for expat families

So, you’re into your children’s half term already, but that doesn’t mean you can’t do some quick and clever thinking to get a last-minute deal and keep the costs down when you arrive. After all kids love surprises!

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Let’s go!

Mid-week deals are the best

Mid-week flights, according to Skyscanner, are less expensive than end of week ones (makes sense really as it’s avoiding the weekend). So, jump on your preferred flight planner and look for deals for tomorrow!

Go undercover

As you browse the web, your browser (Firefox, Chrome, whatever it is) remembers lots of information for you – like the sites you’ve visited. And the flight and holiday companies record your visits using cookies. That allows them to work out how likely you are to book in the near future, so if you leave the site then come back they might hike the prices. To get around this, turn on the ‘private browsing’ feature on your browser.

This is what Firefox says: “Private Browsing allows you to browse the Internet without saving any information about which sites and pages you’ve visited. Private Browsing also includes Tracking Protection, which prevents companies from tracking your browsing history across multiple sites.”

Piece your escape together yourself

If you have the time, buy your flight and accommodation separately. It could save you up to 50% of the cost of a package deal. I recently had a break in Spain. It was significantly cheaper to book a flight with a low cost airline and accommodation with AirBnB than it was to book a “deal” with the airline.

Last minute holidays can sometimes be the best!

Buy out and return flights separately

It’s worth looking at a flight out with one company and a flight back with another. I have saved hundreds of pounds doing just that.

Eat locally

Unless your holiday is an all-inclusive deal (breakfast, lunch and dinner), eat in local cafes and restaurants rather than the hotel. Firstly, you’ll spend far less money. Secondly, you’ll be supporting more local people.

Snack attack

Take a trip to the local supermarket (preferably a big one that offers good deals) and stock up on snacks and drinks for you and the kids. A bag of crisps from the super will cost so much less than the crisps at the hotel bar or from the minibar.

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