How to quit a job gracefully

Find out how why some of the world’s leading business thinkers and leaders think quitting is not a bad thing…it’s just the way you do it that matters.

How to Quit a Job Gracefully
Making a graceful turn in your career path can be a positive thing

The words “quit” and “gracefully” don’t usual appear together, especially in the world of work…quitting is for losers (usually) while doing anything gracefully is more of a winning pose.

But the two can go hand in hand.

The key to quitting a job gracefully is to leave on your terms while keeping the “door open”, according to professional social media site LinkedIn.

Perhaps you’re quitting to start a family, follow your spouse overseas, make a career change, or step up the career ladder – whatever it is, you are bound to face some obstacles and critisism.

LinkedIn’s business celebrity Influencers have some interesting thoughts about quitting, which will help put a positive spin on things:

Richard Branson says, “Think twice before you burn bridges – build some instead!”

Robert Herjavec (North American entrepreneur, ABC’s Shark Tank) says: “Quitting is not such a bad thing. Think of it as changing directions. Quitting should not be seen as a failure.”

And in the same vein as Branson, Robert Nardelli (CEO of GE, then Chrysler, the Home Depot and now XLR-8) says, “Leave the door open. You might want to return one day.”

And then there are there’s the story of the unknown Wall Street trader who quit his job to become the well-known owner of a pizza restaurant in Philadelphia – not well-known for his pizza but for an inspiring way his business feeds the hungry and homeless on the streets of the pizza parlour’s home town. Read Mason Wartman’s quitting story here.

How to Quit a Job Gracefully
Keep it cordial, friendly and polite…you never know one day you might want to return

So, if you’re thinking of quitting here are some suggestions for how you might prepare:

Start preparing your ‘I quit’ letter: keep it formal, polite, thank your boss for your time and offer to help during the transition of your role to a new member of staff.

Follow these 9 steps to how to quit with class by Forbes:

  1. Start quitting before you quit
  2. Take stuff home in advance
  3. Set a time to talk to your boss
  4. Keep it (your plans) short and sweet
  5. Emphasize the positive (about your boss)
  6. Refuse a counter-offer
  7. Make your boss look good (to HR)
  8. Offer to help with the transition
  9. Bring food!

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