Asia Taking Over the Expat Wealth Crown

Asia has always ranked highly in the HSBC Expat Economics league table but in this year’s report five Asian countries feature in the top ten: Singapore (1st), Thailand (3rd), Hong Kong (4th), China (7th) and Vietnam (10th). According to the report, close to 44 percent of expats in Singapore noticed an increase of at least 50 percent in their disposable income since relocating to Singapore (in comparison to a global average of 19 percent) and 43 percent of expats interviewed earned more than US$250,000 per year compared to the global average of seven percent.

Singapore’s expats are not the only Asia-based expats to notice increased disposable income; a move to Hong Kong resulted in an increase of 79 percent, to Malaysia 72 percent and to China an increase of 69 percent in disposable income.

Does the increase in disposable income have a direct effect on expat lifestyle? It seems it does. Analysis of feedback from data provided by 5,000 expats during 2012 revealed that four Asian countries in the top ten Expat Economics table were also in the top 12 of the Expat Explorer Experience league table: Thailand (2nd), Singapore (4th), Malaysia (5th) and Hong Kong (12th). The Explorer Experience measures quality of life based on a number of factors including accommodation, transport and social life. Twenty-five percent of expats across the globe report an improved social life in comparison to life back home, but double the number of expats in Asian countries reported that their social life is better then ever.

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