Your 11-point New Year’s financial checklist

If you do these 11 things, your finances in 2018 should get off to a great start.

Woman looking through her expenses

1. Review your spending

Whether you use a pen and paper or software, make a note of all your major expenses, from utilities to school fees. Only once you have a clear picture of what they are can you refine, reduce (if you need to) and save.

2. Check your investment portfolio

Are your investments still inline with your personal goals and interests? Contact your investment manager or company, it won’t take too long to review them.

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3. Set some short-term and long-term goals

If you set and write your goals down, whether that’s ‘buy a property in 2018’ or ‘prepare for your children’s future school fees’, it’s generally accepted wisdom that you are more likely to attain those goals.

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A paper rose with the words: stocks, bonds, mutual funds

4. Set up an emergency fund

Pay yourself a small amount each month into a savings account – it’s wise to have an emergency fund that you and your loved ones can access easily.

5. Convert your utility/regular payments to online accounts

Save money, hassle, and late payment fees by converting all your regular payments to online accounts with direct debit payments.

6. Find a 0% for your credit cards

If you have credit card debt with high interest fees find a 0% offer to switch to.

Woman's hand holding credit cards and using a calculator

7. Check your pension/s

If you have a UK State Pension, it pays to check if you have gaps. It may be worthwhile filling them.

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8. Review your insurance policies

Check that you are not signed up for automatic insurance policy renewals, you could be doubling up or missing out on great deals.

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9. Check your credit report

To ensure you don’t have any shocks when you go to make the next major purchase and that everything is as you expected, run a check on your personal credit report.

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Man checking his online credit report

10. Make a will

Even if you’re in tip top condition, with no health issues, think what could happen to your next of kin if you had a fatal accident and you didn’t have a will. And if you do have a will, check it and update it if your circumstances have changed.

11. Review you overseas money transfer plan/service

Expats everywhere make payments to overseas accounts. It makes great financial sense to regularly review which money transfer service you use, you could be getting a much better deal.

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