12 cheap ways to decorate your home for the holidays

It’s so tempting to splash out on new decorations and new looks for the festive season, but the cost of it all soon mounts up. A great way to save some money is to combine some new with upcycled and recycled ideas. Here are some of my favourite inexpensive ways to decorate the home that I’ve used over the years:

Collection of Christmas presents

1. Use stencils and paint to liven up pots and doormats

Either make or purchase a few simple stencils and use them to paint festive shapes on plant pots, coir doormats (you’ll need to use outdoor paint) and even interior walls!

2. Reorganize your bookshelves

Wrap books with leftover wrapping paper to display pretty spines on your bookshelves.

Bokos wrapped in Christmas paper

3. Buy a smaller tree and put it on a table

If you have a big place you’d like to fill with a Christmas tree, but the budget doesn’t stretch to a massive one, buy a well-shaped small one and place it on a table. Lifting the tree up makes it look bigger, as well as providing lots of space underneath for all the presents.

4. Draw on snowflakes

Purchase a special wipe-off white ink pen from a craft shop and start drawing your own snowflakes on your windows and mirrors – much less expensive than buying pre-made ones and children love doing it too.

5. Find some pine off-cuts

Make a visit to your local Christmas tree seller and ask them for some tree off-cuts – they might give them to you. Use the off-cuts to make a staircase garland, tying ribbons and baubles on to liven it up.

Close up pf Christmas tree and lights

6. Skirt about

Instead of buying a Christmas tree skirt, cut one out of brown paper then decorate that with stencils and ribbons. This is a great project for young children to make.

7. Skip the tree

No budget (or room) for a tree? Ask the local tree seller if you have a bushy leftover bough, stick it in a big glass vase and decorate it with lights and baubles.

8. Raid the charity shops

If you haven’t got a good selection of large glass vases, check out your local charity store for them then fill them with collections of tree lights and place on a mantlepiece or in a non-working fireplace.

Christmas lights in a glass jar

9. Hanging trees

Cut out lots of 10cm high isosceles triangles (two sides the same length) from colourful card (green, gold, red and silver) then stick them together in a long line and hang down sides of pictures or on staircase spindles.

10. Make your front porch sparkle

Place a mini tree either side of your front door and decorate with inexpensive lights.

Front porch with Christmas trees

11. Wine by candlelight

Collect up a few wine bottles and cover the labels with silver wrapping paper, then tie a velvet bow round each one and use them as candles holders.

12. Centrepiece

Make a table centrepiece by filling a vase with sweets in green, silver and red wrappers or ornaments that you no longer want to use on the tree, then tie a big silver bow round the vase.

Christmas baubles in a glass jar

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