Low cost ideas for sprucing up your new home

Whether you’re an expat student, first time buyer or just being careful with your overseas living budget, here are some low-cost ideas for making your home look better fast.

Young couple holding decorating rollers in front of a step ladder

Let’s get started… There’s nothing like a good cleanse when you first move in. It doesn’t matter how much the previous owners or tenants cleaned, there will always be the whiff of their presence – especially if they were pet owners. Some people like to waft (the proper word is “smudge”) some smouldering sage around their home to purify the space – lavender and cedar can be added to the sage too.

Next, stand back and rove a critical eye over the arrangement of your furniture. Ask a friend to come over too – they could spot some changes that you might miss. Get rid of furniture that doesn’t serve a purpose. If it looks “tired”, paint it or re-upholster it using glue guns and a stapler.

Lighting is something that many people find hard to get right. If you’ve got a collection of mismatched lights, consider buying some low-cost matching ones and selling off the old ones on Angloinfo Classifieds.

Transform your bedroom with a statement headboard. A favourite of contestants on the BBC’s The Great Interior Design Challenge, headboards made out of MDF covered in fabric, metal or just about anything that you can glue or staple can transform a nondescript wall into a showpiece. Or, as this next photo shows, draw on the wall!

Bedroom decorated in black and white with painted outline of New York city above bed

Add some new colour to a room. Buy, or make, some statement cushions, paint a wall or some shelving to pick out a colour in your cushion.

Got a dark corner? Purchase lots of mirrors and place them on some L-shaped shelving near a window. If you’re feeling arty, personalise the mirrors with collections of shells or things you’ve picked up during your expat travels.

And here’s a “sprucing up” idea that I like for anyone who works from home in a small space, where work and home tend to merge and get messy…as seen on Pinterest:

Pinterest photo of home office dining combination

If you need some interior design help, head over to your local Angloinfo Business Directory and search in the ‘House & Home Improvements’ section.