Top tips for selling your house over the winter

If selling your property during the cold, seemingly endless, dark and freezing winter days of the Northern Hemisphere seems like a very tall order, take heart, there are buyers looking and wanting to move in before the spring. Here are some ways to make your property look just as appealing now as it does in the spring…

Sunset over a frozen lake with homes in background

A clear path

Make sure you have plenty of snow-clearing gear, salt and muscle to carve a clear and non-slippery path to your front door…unlike this one!

It looks pretty, but it’s not a great welcome for potential buyers

Keep things cosy

If you have a fireplace, be sure to have it set or lit ready to welcome viewers. If your fireplace no longer works, fill it with a colourful, festive arrangement and lights. And be sure to keep your heating on at a cosy temperature, there’s nothing like a chilly house to turn off buyers.

Keep the fire at the ready and the heating at a comfortable level

Brighten the way

Just because the skies are grey, it doesn’t mean your house has to be. Add “pops” of colour to the approach to your home, the porch and the entrance. The first colourful impression, set against a dull background could inspire even the most recalcitrant, prospective buyer.

Neat and tidy porch decking
It doesn’t have to be crazy colours, just a little will add some interest

An empty pool?

If your pool is empty during the winter, be sure to have a well-produced photo album, with big, colourful photos, to show the viewers what it looks like the rest of the year. Even better have a video playing of you, your children or grandchildren playing in the pool.

Five young people sitting on edge of swimming pool
This is how it can be!

You smell good

Smother your home with festive smells: mulled wine, dried spices, spruce and fir, and carry on past Christmas!

Two tin cups of muleld wine with cinnamon sticks, lemon and star anise
Delicious, warming and welcoming fragrances are so easy to create

Keep it clear

It’s easy to feel like it’s not worth washing windows, after all it’s bound to rain straight after…right? Wrong. The view out of your windows and any light that there is needs to stream through spotless panes to make the most of it. Plus, that low winter light shows up every little smear and finger print.

A wintery scene through windows
Just look at that view!

Although you may not want to show people round your property during the festive period, if your property is listed, it’s probably best to devise a viewing plan with your estate agent, so that they know when they can and can’t show prospective buyers around.